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Race no. 184-The Delhi Race Club Trophy

Winner - NASCAR
Jockey - Raghuveer Singh
Trainer - Imtiaz A. Sait
Owner - Mr Jitendra Singh Gadhoke & Mrs Mandeep Gadhoke's

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Race Card

6 The Delhi Race Club Trophy
(Distance 1200M | 4.00 P.M.)
1 BRYNHILL(b  g  8)-R 106
[Noverre(USA)-Chain Reaction(IRE)]
(Nazak Chenoy- Santosh G. -2.5)
2 GOLD BAG(ch  m  6)-R 104
[Sedgefield(USA)-Blue Jay]
(Adhirajsingh Jodha- D. R. Shubham -5)
3 ABBEY(dk b  m  5)-R 96
[Phoenix Tower(USA)-Attune(GB)]
(Faisal A. Abbas- Suraj Narredu)
4 CHAMPAGNE(b  m  5)-R 90
(Rehanullah Khan- P. S. Chouhan)
5 NASCAR(b  m  5)-R 89
[Phoenix Tower(USA)-Starlit Princess]
(Imtiaz A. Sait- Raghuveer Singh -3.5)
6 DEEP DIVER(b  g  7)-R 86
[Glory of Dancer(GB)-Inventive(GB)]
(S. Waheed- Withdrawn)
7 LADISLAUS(b  g  4)-R 85
(S. K. Sunderji- Neeraj Rawal)
8 REMEMBER ME(b  g  7)-R 85
(Nirad Karanjawala- S. A. Amit -1.5)
9 SUPER SUNSHINE(b  g  5)-R 85
[Holy Roman Emperor-Osprey Point(IRE)]
(M. Narredu- Bhawani Singh)
10 UNDISPUTED(b  g  5)-R 82
[Varenar(FR)-Gold Bar(IRE)]
(S. K. Sunderji- Dashrath Singh)
11 PUGNACIOUS(ch  g  4)-R 76
[Arabian Gulf(GB)-Magic Touch]
(C. D. Katrak- Altaf Sayyed)