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Race no. 88-The Jasdanwalla Gold Cup

Jockey - A. Sandesh
Trainer - Karthik G.
Owner - Dr M A M Ramaswamy Chettiar of Chettinad Charitable Trust's

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Race Card

3 The Jasdanwalla Gold Cup
(Distance 1400M | 2.00 P.M.)
1 BOLD MARCH(b  g  2)-R -99
[Arazan(IRE)-Warsaw Pact]
(Karthik G.- A. Sandesh)
55 1
[Arazan(IRE)-Burning Fire(GB)]
(Dallas Todywalla- S. Zervan)
55 8
3 NEVER SAY NO(dk b  g  2)-R -99
[Whatsthescript(IRE)-You Say I Say(USA)]
(Narendra Lagad- Shrikant Kamble)
55 7
4 ROMAN GOLD(b  g  2)-R -99
(Karthik G.- R. Vaibhav)
55 5
5 SMART N NOBLE(b  g  2)-R -99
[Ace(IRE)-Only For Gold]
(Karthik G.- Bhawani Singh)
55 6
6 WILDHORN(ch  g  2)-R -99
[Mount Nelson-Chanterelle(IRE)]
(B. Prakash- N. S. Parmar)
55 2
7 CLEMENTI(ch  f  2)-R -99
[Burden of Proof(IRE)-Efrhina(IRE)]
(P. Shroff- P. Trevor)
53.5 3
8 COMIC TIMING(b  f  2)-R -99
[Dancing Forever(USA)-Tamoshanta(GB)]
(S. Waheed- C. S. Jodha)
53.5 9
9 TROMBONE(b  f  2)-R -99
[Top Class(USA)-Violet Sky(IRE)]
(S. K. Sunderji- Dashrath Singh)
53.5 4