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Race no. 57-The Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy (VI Bart) Trophy

Winner - TOMMASO
Jockey - A. Sandesh
Trainer - M. K. Jadhav
Owner - Mr & Mrs Vijay B. Shirke, Mr Jay V. Shirke & Mr K. N. Dhunjibhoy rep. Five Stars Shipping Co Pvt Ltd's

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Race Card

3 The Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy (VI Bart) Trophy
(Distance 1000M | 5.30 P.M.)
1 ACROSS THE SEA(dk b  g  2)-R -99
[Phoenix Tower(USA)-Symi(IRE)]
(P. Shroff- S. Zervan)
55 3
2 CLIFFS OF CAPRI(b  g  2)-R -99
[Elusive Quality-First At Summer(USA)]
(P. Shroff- P. Trevor)
55 6
3 COURAGEOUS STAR(ch  c  2)-R -99
(M. Narredu- Shrikant Kamble)
55 9
4 RAWENO(b  c  2)-R -99
[Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Safari]
(S. K. Sunderji- C. S. Jodha)
55 11
5 SALTBAE(b  c  2)-R -99
[Chinese Whisper(IRE)-Wasabi]
(Deepesh Narredu- Yash Narredu)
55 10
6 SUPREME BEING(b  c  2)-R -99
[Stern Opinion(USA)-Chamakchallo(USA)]
(Ivor Fernandes- Altaf Sayyed)
55 8
7 TOMMASO(ch  g  2)-R -99
[Helmet-Sweet Vintage(IRE)]
(M. K. Jadhav- A. Sandesh)
55 7
8 CELESTIA(b  f  2)-R -99
(Dallas Todywalla- Neeraj Rawal)
53.5 2
9 COPPER QUEEN(ch  f  2)-R -99
[Zoffany-Bay of Roses(IRE)]
(P. Shroff- Leigh Roche)
53.5 4
10 MIAMI(ch  f  2)-R -99
[Win Legend(JPN)-Florida]
(Narendra Lagad- Robbie Downey)
53.5 5
11 MS BOSS(b  f  2)-R -99
(Sanjay Kolse- S. A. Amit)
53.5 1