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Race no. 35-The Shantidas Askuran Trophy

Jockey - N. S. Parmar
Trainer - Rehanullah Khan
Owner - M/s Vikram L. Kapadia, Shantanu Sharma, M. N. Mirza, Miss Anita A. Khalakdina, M/s Gaurav Rampal, S. Saleem Shah, Sunil Anand, Harakchand C. Gandhi &Mirza Ahmed Busheri's

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Race Card

5 The Shantidas Askuran Trophy
(Distance 1000M | 3.30 P.M.)
1 FLAMING MARTINI(b  f  4)-R 76
[Excellent Art(GB)-Flaming Glory]
(Dallas Todywalla- Nathan Evans)
59 1
2 KING KHALIL(dk b  g  4)-R 72
(Deepesh Narredu- P. Vinod -5)
57 4
3 BETWEEN THE WATERS(b  g  4)-R 68
(S. K. Sunderji- Neeraj Rawal)
55 2
4 KILKARRY BRIDGE(b  g  4)-R 68
[Strong Suit(USA)-Sail By Roos(IRE)]
(S. K. Sunderji- Nicky Mackay)
55 3
5 POKERFACE(b  g  5)-R 63
[Stern Opinion(USA)-Silk Runner(IRE)]
(Nosher Cama- P. S. Chouhan)
52.5 6
6 SHARAREH(b  f  4)-R 58
(Rehanullah Khan- N. S. Parmar)
50 5