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Race no. 114-The April Blossom Plate

Jockey - H. Zeeshan
Trainer - Shazaan Shah
Owner - Mr Jaydev M. Mody rep. J. M. Livestock Pvt Ltd's

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Race Card

7 The April Blossom Plate
(Distance 1200M | 7.30 P.M.)
1 EPIPHANY(dk b  f  4)-R 26
[Phoenix Tower(USA)-Merwaha(IRE)]
(Nazak Chenoy- )
2 SKYSURFER(b  f  4)-R 26
[Surfrider(IRE)-Stardom Bound]
(Narendra Lagad- Raghuveer Singh -3.5)
3 NIGHT FURY(b  m  5)-R 25
(Karthik Ganapathy- Bhawani Singh)
4 STAR ANISE(b  f  4)-R 24
[Phoenix Tower(USA)-C'est La Vie]
(Faisal A. Abbas- C. S. Jodha)
5 GOLDEN HALO(dk b  h  5)-R 23
[Where's the Ring-Scarlet Slipper(USA)]
(Adhirajsingh Jodha- D. R. Shubham -5)
6 POLYNEICES(dk b  g  4)-R 22
[Mull of Kintyre(USA)-Perfect Polly(GB)]
(Shazaan Shah- H. Zeeshan -5)
7 SWEEP ASIDE(b  m  6)-R 22
[China Visit(USA)-Brushed Aside(GB)]
(Arif Patel- Withdrawn)
8 CLOUDBURST(gr  g  4)-R 19
(Narendra Lagad- N. B. Kuldeep -5)
9 SMOKY HAZE(ch  m  5)-R 12
(Magansingh P. Jodha- Nirmal Jodha)
10 WESTERN LIGHTS(b  g  6)-R 3
[Gaswar(GB)-Dona Vitoria(GB)]
(Mansoor Shah- K. Nazil -5)