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Race no. 175-The Royal Arion Club Million

Jockey - A. Sandesh
Trainer - Altaf Hussain
Owner - Mr Ashok Ranpise, Mr Vishwajeet Sood, Mr Aziz A. Virani, Mr Altaf Hussain, Mrs Ayesha A. Hussain & Mr Aman Hussain's

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Race Card

6 The Royal Arion Club Million
(Distance 1000M | 7.30 P.M.)
1 JET TYPHOON(b  g  6)-R 46
[Speaking of which-Star of china]
(Hosidar Daji- P. Shinde)
62 6
2 MOJO(ch  f  4)-R 38
(Faisal A. Abbas- Imran Chisty)
58 7
3 HILMA KLINT(b  m  5)-R 37
[Excellent Art[GB]-Praise of Folly[GB]]
(Narendra Lagad- A. K. Aniket)
57.5 4
4 QUEENS PRIDE(ch  f  4)-R 36
[Roderic O'Connor[IRE]-Queen's Guest]
(Altaf Hussain- A. Sandesh)
57 2
5 INTENSE BELIEF(ch  m  5)-R 35
[David Livingston[IRE]-Dhahab[USA]]
(Dallas Todywalla- P. Trevor)
56.5 10
6 MOMENT OF MADNESS(b  m  7)-R 35
[Net Whizz[USA]-Crosspatch[IRE]]
(Rehanullah Khan- Haridas Gore)
56.5 8
7 HELA(b  m  5)-R 33
[Multidimensional[IRE]-Fond Fantasy]
(Karthik Ganapathy- Bhawani Singh)
55.5 12
8 FIDATO(dk b  g  5)-R 32
(Narendra Lagad- Mustakim Alam)
55 11
9 ALMAS(b  f  4)-R 31
[Charm Spirit-No Song[GB]]
(S. K. Sunderji- Vishal N. Bunde)
54.5 5
10 UNTITLED(b  g  10)-R 31
(H. J. Antia- P. Vinod)
54.5 9
11 SKY HAWK(b  g  5)-R 30
(Faisal A. Abbas- N. K. Ashish)
54 1
12 ZUKOR(ch  g  5)-R 22
[Roderic O'Connor[IRE]-Queen's Guest]
(Faisal A. Abbas- K. Nazil)
50 3